Electricity loss may hit 7,000MW today

30/04/2011 10:26


LAHORE: The electricity loss may reach 7,000MW on Thursday with Pakistan State Oil inform power generation company about a further decrease in furnace oil provisions.The furnace oil stocks of PSO are report to have fallen to 30,000 tons and a ship transport the fuel is due on May 1.The loss was around 6,000MW till Monday, which was cheap to 4,500MW after greater than before water release from dams.On Wednesday, the PSO informed Pakistan Electric Power Company that it was wounding oil supplies to the power division by about half (to 10,000 tons from 19,000 tons) for the next three days. The daily heater oil obligation of the sector is 36,000 tons.“In practical terms a 50 per cent decrease in oil supply means that power age group will suffer a additional loss of 2,500MW,” says a Pepco bureaucrat.If the present heat spell continues, the electricity loss will rise likewise and most parts of the country will be with no electricity for about 18 hours a day.


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