Acupuncture eases cancer treatment

03/05/2011 11:24

Acupuncture strength reduce the frequency of hot flashes that repeatedly appear due to the belongings of the hormones used for the action of prostate cancer.A small study of 14 men in receipt of hormone therapy for prostate cancer showed that acupuncture may reduce the hot flash that occur in as many as 60 percent of patients.Hormone treatment in prostate cancer aims at lower the serum level of male hormone testosterone, wanted for the tumor to grow and increase. The action, however, is associated with severe side belongings counting hot flashes, nervousness and tremor."Our study shows that physician and patients have an extra treatment for amazing that affects many men undergo prostate cancer treatment and in fact has long-term benefits, as opposite to more side effects," said study writer Hani Ashamalla. 

The study, though, failed to show whether the lessening of hot flashes caused by acupuncture was because of the sop effect or the symptom which simply subside on their own."Clearly these men describe getting better, and it happen over a very short period of time," Cornell University researchers wrote in the global journal of emission oncology, biology, physics."The symptom don't (normally) get better by that a great deal that rapidly."Ashamalla urged men experience hot flashes due to hormone therapy to ask with their doctors if they are eager to start acupuncture action.


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